Carol Barnier

Carol Barnier - Engaging Today's ProdigalCarol Barnier is a fresh, fun and popular conference speaker unlike any other. Her objective is to have the wit of Erma Bombeck crossed with the depth of C.S. Lewis, but admits that most days, she only achieves a solid Lucy Ricardo with a bit of Bob the Tomato. She is a frequent guest commentator on Focus on the Family’s Weekend Magazine broadcast, where she’s spoken on a variety of humorous topics ranging from not being ready to be a Titus woman (It’s the name: Titus. Anything that rhymes with Phlebitis is automatically suspect) to why angels need a new public relations manager. She has been a guest on many radio programs, contributor to many magazines and is a speaker to conferences nationwide.

She’s also a homeschooler of 17 years, author of four books, mother to three children, and wife to one husband. Her first three books deal with the non-linear mind trying to make it in a very linear world (teaching ADHD kids, being a highly distracted mom, learning styles.) But her latest book, Engaging Today’s Prodigal, Clear Thinking, New Approaches, and Reason for Hope, shares her own prodigal journey and lessons learned to equip and encourage parents who are experiencing the pain of a child leaving the faith they were raised with.

While her humor will have you leaning sideways, her faith is solid stuff. Whether speaking about her first born son’s 13 surgeries, her homeschooling challenges, her family’s many ADHD challenges, or her own walk from being a God-denying atheist to the most grateful recipient of God’s amazing grace, this woman speaks from the heart. She knows why she knows what she knows.

Carol’s Topic:

A Prodigal Speaks Out

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Why Did I Stay So Long? A Domestic Violence Journey

Arvee Robinson Replay

Domestic violence could be happening to the person you least expect. This is a story of a very bright, young, professional woman with a deep, dark secret and how she coped with it for so many years. She takes you on a journey of love and violence, and finally her biggest surprise.

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Arvee Robinson - A Domestic Violence Journey

Arvee Robinson

Arvee Robinson

Arvee RobinsonArvee Robinson, The Master Speaker Trainer, international Speaker and author, captivates her audiences with high-energy, high-content, interactive presentations filled with stories and role-plays. Her audiences have fun while learning workable strategies they can put into action immediately. She presented over 3500 energizing motivational keynotes and content-rich educational programs to conferences, retreats, and on-site programs. She has shared the stage with speaking giants Mark Victor Hansen, Loral Langemeier, Tom Hopkins, Bill Walsh, Chris Howard, Joel Bauer, Jay Conrad Levinson, Eric Lofholm, John Childers, Adam Urbanski, Raymond Aaron, Larry Benet, Dave Lakhani, Jill Lubin, and many others.

As an in-demand speaking coach in the business world, Arvee has taught over 5000 service professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs how to attract more clients by clearly communicating how their services benefit their customers. She teaches her clients a simple, proven system for delivering persuasive business speeches, getting the most out of networking and creating magnetic introductions. Arvee has helped hundreds of individuals eliminate nervousness, command their audiences’ attention, and deliver sales-winning presentations.

Prior to becoming the Master Speaker Trainer, Arvee worked for 22 years as a systems consultant and trusted advisor to her clients. At large CPA firms such as Deloitte and RSM McGladrey, she trained many professionals in the technology field, both in seminars and one-on-one.

Arvee has published chapters in five books, the #1 bestseller Live the Life You Love, Inspiration to Realization, Ready, Aim Captivate, Profitable Social Media, and Quantum Leap My Life. She hosts Passionately Speaking, her own weekly teleseminar series, specifically designed for people who want to learn the secrets of persuasive speaking and use them to attract clients and grow their businesses. She has also hosted several cable TV talk shows on Inside the Inland Valley, a show dedicated to promoting local businesses, and has been interviewed on countless radio shows, teleseminars and webinars.

Arvee’s Topic:

Why Did I Stay So Long?

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The Power of Recognizing Hidden Shame and How It Can Transform Your Life

Terilee Harrison Replay
What is shame? Where does shame come from? It’s usually related to one of three things:
  • How we are made.
  • The choices of others.
  • Our own sin and mistakes.

The power in shame is in what we think, not in what has happened to us or in what we have done.

Victory over it comes through seeking the truth of who we are in Christ.

Would you like to experience the freedom to love yourself, others and God? What about to have a fresh start or to feel more confident?

Terilee shares her story of living The Shameless Life. It’s a true story of a woman held captive, of a heart chained with shame and regret. Born with a rare and inconceivable condition, she describes in heart-wrenching detail the suffering, and decisions, that plunged her into a life of shame and despair.

“Perfectionism was like a drug for me… I was a beautiful young girl with a big secret…. I felt an intense amount of shame. Over the years, this shame wreaked havoc on my life through the choices I made with men… and even my relationship with God.”

Terilee’s candid portrayal of her life is riveting from the very first sentence, and is a remarkable story of falling into the forgiving arms of a loving Heavenly Father, believing His promises, and the extraordinary outcome: restoration and freedom from shame!

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Terilee Harrison - The Power of Hidden Shame

Terilee Harrison

Terilee Harrison

Terilee HarrisonSpeaker, Author, Coach, and Radio Show Host Terilee Harrison boldly shares the love of Jesus because of what He has done in her own life. Terilee’s testimony includes her personal stories of suffering with and overcoming a “rare and inconceivable condition” which caused her intense shame and dramatic tales of a devastating time in her life when she turned her back on God. Because of these life experiences, she is the woman she is today thanks to God’s unyielding love and mercy.

Terilee’s ability to both inspire and challenge audiences to action and change can be attributed to her consistently authentic presentation regarding who she is, where she’s been, and what she’s learned along the way.

Terilee coaches women who are ready for change how to recognize hidden shame and overcome it so they can have a fresh start, feel more confident, and experience freedom to love themselves and others.

Harrison is the author of The Shameless Life: Recognize Your Shame and Overcome It and The Business Mom Guide Book: More Life, Less Overwhelm for Mom Entrepreneurs. For the last 7 years, she has reached thousands of entrepreneurs through her work as a Director for TEAM Referral Network in Southern California.

She co-hosts Elevate Radio each week on the CWA Radio Network, the only Christian women’s channel on Blog Talk Radio.

Terilee resides in Quartz Hill, California, where her husband, Terry, is the Minister at Quartz Hill Church of Christ. Together, they have 4 children: Jonathan, Adam, Jackie, and Cole.

Terilee’s greatest hope is to bring women from the lies they believe to the truth of who they are in Christ so they can live strong, amazing lives through knowing God intimately.

Terilee’s Topic:

The Power of Recognizing Hidden Shame and How It Can Transform Your Life

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Sheli Gartman

Sheli G - Transformational Coach for World Changerssheli G is an:

International Speaker
Master Certified Business Coach
World Changer Leadership & Life Mastery Coach

“It’s time to embrace the World Changer in YOU!”
~sheli G

Sheli Gartman, CILC | CMC | CEBC is the founder of sheli G Business and World Changer Leadership Coaching.

She travels the globe specializing in Experiential Transformational Education (E.T.E.) This is a hands-on method that produces profound discovery and dynamic human development, igniting Entrepreneurs, Individuals and Companies to achieve their highest potential and true calling.

Sheli G is among the internationally acclaimed professionals who are the WORLD CHANGERS in the Transformational Business and Personal Expansion arena. She considers it a true honor to put her success, authenticity, extensive experience and passion to work for you.

On a personal note, Sheli is married to Steve and they have three miraculous children. Sheli makes her home in beautiful Boise, ID.

Sheli’s Topic:

Depression Doesn’t Have to Disable

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Finding the Gift in Grief

Have you ever experienced a devastating event in your life that’s holding you back?

Tara R. Alemany Replay

Sometimes, an event can be so overwhelming or painful that it keeps us from living life to the fullest. It might be the loss of a loved one or pet, the loss of a job, the unhappy ending of a marriage, the unforeseen demise of a business, a prodigal child that walks away from all that you’ve taught them, and so much more.

What hurts us and pierces us to the soul is different for every one of us, but that doesn’t make the pain any less real or legitimate.

I’m here to tell you though that you don’t have to live in that place of overwhelm. The pain does not have to hold you in place like an anchor, prohibiting you from moving on and finding joy in your life again.

In this presentation, you will learn how to:

  • Alter your perception of devastating events
  • Find the gift in grief
  • Live your life in gratitude

Why is Tara qualified to share these lessons with you? Because she’s been there. She knows loss. And she learned these lessons herself as she lived through and overcame the unexpected death of her fiancé in 2011.

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Tara Alemany, Inspirational Author and Speaker - Finding the Gift in Grief

Tara R. Alemany

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Tara R. Alemany

Tara Alemany, Inspirational Author and Speaker - Finding the Gift in GriefTara R. Alemany is the author of the eBook “The Plan that Launched a Thousand Books” (a DIY guide to marketing books online). She also co-authored The Character-Based Leader: Instigating a Leadership Revolution… One Person at a Time, and contributed to My Love to You Always and Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude (2013 ed.). Her latest book, The Best is Yet to Come, is due out in November 2013.

Tara speaks frequently on social media topics, and has been a speaker or panelist at local events as well as to larger audiences, including the School for Startups business radio show and The Power of eMarketing conference.

Her latest series of talks shares lessons learned while overcoming the unexpected death of her fiancé in October 2011. Her hope is to show how you too can overcome painful events in your life, exchanging that anchor that’s holding you back for a gift that inspires you to move forward.

Tara is also the owner and founder of Aleweb Social Marketing, a consulting company that helps personal brands build a comprehensive online platform. She is a recognized thought leader in her industry, and is known to her clients as “The Teacher of Technophobes and Trendsetters.”

In addition to consulting, writing and speaking, Tara serves on the Board of Directors of a non-profit ministry called Forest Haven, is Chaplain of her local Word Weavers chapter, is a member of the Christian Women Speakers Movement, and is also a martial artist, a short-term missionary, a juggler and Mom to 2 teenagers (one of each).

Tara’s Topic:

Finding the Gift in Grief

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