From Captive to Liberator

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Survival by any means… Sound familiar to you? There are times when this mentality is necessary, and it will ask you to do things you never thought you would. However, it will also keep you from fulfilling your calling in this life. You’ll be too busy fighting just to survive. And sometimes, that’s the best you can do… for now.

Surviving, overcoming and healing each have a place in the journey. But when you realize where your strength lies and that you have a purpose, overcoming simply isn’t enough anymore.

Listen in as Kate shares her personal story of survival within and overcoming being a victim of human trafficking. And how her journey has led her to become a liberator to so many women still in the industry.

If you or someone you love has been sexually exploited and need someone to talk to, you can reach out to Kate at 661-214-3020.

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Kate Wedell - From Captive to Liberator

Kate Wedell

Kate Wedell

Kate Wedell of Cherished - From Captive to LiberatorKate Wedell is the founder and Executive Director of Cherished, an outreach and support group for women in the sex industry. Kate’s inspiration for Cherished came from her own broken past. This is Kate’s story:

“I came to Hollywood to pursue a dream and within a few days I was practically forced into prostitution to survive. I became a stripper, a drug addict, and even got into witchcraft.  For 10 years I lived a lie and didn’t see my family. Hollywood threw me a bone occasionally I kept believing it would all work out in time. A semi-famous film producer found me in a club and I was hired to dance in a few films and even got a few shots on the “Party Machine” that aired on late night TV. But that didn’t stop the downward spiral I was in. It wasn’t until I was arrested and spent some time in Sybil Brand a women’s correctional facility for car theft and drug possession that I began to realize my life was out of control. One night I had been working in a xxx club in Hollywood, I had made enough money to buy the car that I had been borrowing from my roommate, then I went to go see my dealer and was on my way home. It was somewhere around 3 am when the cops pulled me over. The next thing I knew I was surrounded by cops, they had called in backup and I was laying face down on the pavement trying to deny I had done anything wrong. Later I realized the car that I was loaned was all a set-up. Wasn’t I just living a normal life? Why was everybody always on my case?

Life inside Sybil is a nightmare I’ll never forget as long as I live. Soon after this happened I left Hollywood and came to the desert. For 2 years I would be on probation and have to call in every night to see if my # would come up for drug testing the next day.

I prayed that God would help me get away from this lifestyle that I was afraid to leave. Even in doing so my life would still be threatened by my past associations, I would still be followed and tormented by them after I had walked away.

Those years are behind me now, but it was because I found the truth. I found out that I am Cherished and loved more than I could have known. I was just looking in all the wrong places!

I love being able to reach out to the girls in the industry and support them in what they are going through because I remember what that was like.

If you are reading this and want to hear more I’d love to talk to you!

Take care of yourself…YOU ARE CHERISHED!

Kate Wedell”

Today, Kate lives a beautiful life with her loving husband and three children, serving constantly to bring life back to broken women in her community and to spread awareness about the realities of the sex industry and human trafficking.

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From Captive to Liberator

Find Kate online at:

Kate Wedell website Kate Wedell on Facebook

Depression Doesn’t Have to Disable

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Depression is all too common today.

If you ever have that feeling of being discouraged, sad, hopeless, unmotivated, or disinterested in life in general, and it only lasts for a short period of time, it may just be a case of “the blues.”

But when the feelings last for more than two weeks and they interfere with daily activities, it could be something much more difficult for you and your family to deal with.

So, how can we naturally combat depression, and live well in spite of the “ripple effect” caused by experiencing our own depression or living with someone that struggles with it? And how do we know when it’s time to seek professional help?

We will explore this and more in this educational and inspirational take on a tough issue. Don’t let Depression win!

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Sheli G - Depression Doesn't Have to Disable

Sheli Gartman

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A Prodigal Speaks Out

Carol Barnier Replay

In a day where atheist books sail to the top of the NY Times Bestseller lists, a quiet and different journey emerged for author Carol Barnier—a journey from long-time atheist to Christian.

Come and listen to Carol share her own prodigal journey away from and back to her faith after 13 years as an active in-your-face atheist.

Not only will she share her own story, but she’ll share what she learned along the way to help those who have a faith to stay connected to those who’ve lost their faith.

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Carol Barnier - A Prodigal Speaks Out

Carol Barnier

Shake It Off Using the Ancient Principles of the Samurai Warrior

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Discover how utilizing the Ancient Principles of the Samurai Warrior could assist you in moving past your cultural shame, identity issues, present situation and low self-esteem so that you can live a more purposeful life of powerful contribution that extends far beyond the day-to-day realities of commerce.

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Lori Whaley - The Way of the Samauri Warrior

Lori Whaley

Barry Spilchuk

Barry SpilchukBarry Spilchuk is the first Canadian to write one of the books in the best-selling book series Chicken Soup for the Soul. His book, A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul®, sold over 580,000 copies around the world.

He was the Lead Instructor at a business forum, IBI / CEO SPACE, for ten years, where he taught Niche Marketing, Celebrating Your GENIUS, and THINK OUTRAGEOUS – SETTLE for AMAZING!

Barry started a new book series called You’re My Hero. The first book raised over $27,000 for local charities. He then used the next three books to allow children to become published authors with one of the ‘Chicken Soup’ guys.

He founded the Canadian Public Speaking Academy in 2011.

Barry has served on over a dozen not-for-profit boards. He was twice-nominated for the Premier’s Award in Ontario and proudly served as the President of the North Bay Chamber of Commerce for two years. He and his team raised the number of members by over 28% in the middle of a recession.

Barry recently survived a serious cancer scare; only seven months after he was told to get his affairs in order, God blessed him with a cancer-free diagnosis. He was simultaneously going through a bankruptcy, a separation, employee theft and a partnership dissolution.

His new book came out in Summer 2013. THE cANCER DANCE, What do you do when cancer catches you with your pants down? Barry gifted books to over 130 cancer hospitals.

Barry’s Topic:

How to Bounce Back, Come Back and Get Back… from any Setback

Find Barry online at:

Barry Spilchuk's website Barry Spilchuk on Facebook Barry Spilchuk on Twitter Barry Spilchuk on Youtube Barry Spilchuk on LinkedIn

How to Bounce Back, Come Back and Get Back… from any Setback

Barry Spilchuk Replay

What do you do when life catches you with your pants down? Trust Barry Spilchuk to give you a few ideas.

All within the same time-period, Barry was diagnosed with cancer, while going through a bankruptcy, a separation, employee theft and a partnership dissolution.

We may as well just call him “The Come-Back King” (and not just for his smart-aleck humor)! He truly has mastered the art of overcoming setbacks.

In this talk, he’ll share with us a few key points about recovering from overwhelming circumstances.

  • Remember the first rule of holes. If you find yourself in one stop digging!
  • Learn about the S.A.L.A.D. principle to reversing your slide and going in the right direction.
  • There is a “bless in every mess.” What’s yours?
  • There is power in your story… when you stop telling it!
  • What to do right now to change your life for the better.

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Barry Spilchuk - How to Bounce Back from any Setback

Barry Spilchuk

How to go from Challenge to Champion

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Champions don’t start out at the top. They often have a long way to go to get there.

Despite your current circumstances, though, you can go from challenge to champion. Turn your struggle into a successful business that helps others and leaves a lasting positive impact on the world.

Croix will share how you can set yourself apart and become the 5% of businesses that are profitable and successful simply by using your unique talents, experiences and ability to make a difference.

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Croix Sather - Business Champion

Croix Sather

Croix Sather

Croix Sather - Business ChampionThe media calls Croix Sather the “Marathon Man” because in just two years, he went from a non-runner to a 2x World Record Champion. In 2011, he ran the 2,621-mile Run Across America in just 100 days and then he broke the world
record running unassisted, nonstop 146 miles though Death Valley, CA.

However, to do this Croix had to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. At fourteen years old he was hit head-on by a drunk driver while riding his bicycle. The neurosurgeon said, “If he survives the night, he will be a vegetable for the rest of his life.” He was in a coma for four days, in casts and rehabilitation for a year, and suffered problematic effects lasting many years. After the accident, life was a cycle of ups-and-downs until he learned the tools and strategies he teaches today.

Croix is an internationally celebrated author and inspirational speaker in the field of personal and business transformation and the psychology of success. He has authored four books, hosted a radio show, and has appeared on TEDx twice, and in hundreds of television, radio and newspaper articles.

Croix’s Topic

How to go from Challenge to Champion

Find Croix online at:

Croix Sather's website Croix Sather on Facebook Croix Sather on Twitter Croix Sather on Youtube Croix Sather on Google+ Croix Sather on LinkedIn

Lori Tsugawa Whaley

Lori Whaley - The Way of the SamauriLori Whaley is a third generation Japanese American and a descendant of the Samurai Warrior. As a Baby Boomer, she grew up in a predominately white farming community in rural Washington. She struggled with being different especially at school where she was discriminated against. No matter how hard she tried and “wished,” she could not change the way she looked.

As an adult, Lori channeled her unrest into tireless research and curiosity to study her Japanese heritage. Her curiosity led her to take several trips to Japan where she met her father’s relatives and traveled to many places. As she began making the connection to her ancestral roots, that which she once scorned, she came to warmly embrace.

Without judgment and with a full heart, she lives the principles of honor, courage, rectitude, loyalty, honesty, self control and compassion while inspiring others to do the same. The Code of Bushido can be “samuraized” into seven words:  “Do the right thing all the time.”

Lori is on a mission to inspire women to utilize the Code of Bushido to overcome cultural shame, inferiority and identity so that they can become women of influence and live purposeful lives of powerful contribution that extend far beyond the day-to-day realities of commerce.

Having painstakingly endured not one, but two auto collisions, Lori’s “mettle” has been strongly tested.  It is one thing to model the Ways of the Samurai Warrior in good times.  It is another thing to do so while surviving and recovering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Her courage and compassion to guide others through tough times has been forged by her own journey to regain wellness against demanding odds.

Lori is a Certified NLP Practitioner, Toastmaster ACG, and enjoys a 36-year marriage, as well as being a mother of 2 adult sons and grandmother of 5!

Remember, “When you do the right thing, success it will bring; by ‘locking arms’ with this Samurai woman, you will never go to battle alone.”

Lori’s Topic:

Shake It Off:  Moving Past Cultural Shame, Identity Issues and Low Self-Esteem by Utilizing the Ancient Principles of the Samurai Warrior

Find Lori online at:

Lori Whaley's website Lori Whaley on Facebook Lori Whaley on Google+ Lori Whaley on LinkedIn