The Power of Recognizing Hidden Shame and How It Can Transform Your Life

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What is shame? Where does shame come from? It’s usually related to one of three things:
  • How we are made.
  • The choices of others.
  • Our own sin and mistakes.

The power in shame is in what we think, not in what has happened to us or in what we have done.

Victory over it comes through seeking the truth of who we are in Christ.

Would you like to experience the freedom to love yourself, others and God? What about to have a fresh start or to feel more confident?

Terilee shares her story of living The Shameless Life. It’s a true story of a woman held captive, of a heart chained with shame and regret. Born with a rare and inconceivable condition, she describes in heart-wrenching detail the suffering, and decisions, that plunged her into a life of shame and despair.

“Perfectionism was like a drug for me… I was a beautiful young girl with a big secret…. I felt an intense amount of shame. Over the years, this shame wreaked havoc on my life through the choices I made with men… and even my relationship with God.”

Terilee’s candid portrayal of her life is riveting from the very first sentence, and is a remarkable story of falling into the forgiving arms of a loving Heavenly Father, believing His promises, and the extraordinary outcome: restoration and freedom from shame!

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Terilee Harrison - The Power of Hidden Shame

Terilee Harrison

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