Kate Wedell

Kate Wedell of Cherished - From Captive to LiberatorKate Wedell is the founder and Executive Director of Cherished, an outreach and support group for women in the sex industry. Kate’s inspiration for Cherished came from her own broken past. This is Kate’s story:

“I came to Hollywood to pursue a dream and within a few days I was practically forced into prostitution to survive. I became a stripper, a drug addict, and even got into witchcraft.  For 10 years I lived a lie and didn’t see my family. Hollywood threw me a bone occasionally I kept believing it would all work out in time. A semi-famous film producer found me in a club and I was hired to dance in a few films and even got a few shots on the “Party Machine” that aired on late night TV. But that didn’t stop the downward spiral I was in. It wasn’t until I was arrested and spent some time in Sybil Brand a women’s correctional facility for car theft and drug possession that I began to realize my life was out of control. One night I had been working in a xxx club in Hollywood, I had made enough money to buy the car that I had been borrowing from my roommate, then I went to go see my dealer and was on my way home. It was somewhere around 3 am when the cops pulled me over. The next thing I knew I was surrounded by cops, they had called in backup and I was laying face down on the pavement trying to deny I had done anything wrong. Later I realized the car that I was loaned was all a set-up. Wasn’t I just living a normal life? Why was everybody always on my case?

Life inside Sybil is a nightmare I’ll never forget as long as I live. Soon after this happened I left Hollywood and came to the desert. For 2 years I would be on probation and have to call in every night to see if my # would come up for drug testing the next day.

I prayed that God would help me get away from this lifestyle that I was afraid to leave. Even in doing so my life would still be threatened by my past associations, I would still be followed and tormented by them after I had walked away.

Those years are behind me now, but it was because I found the truth. I found out that I am Cherished and loved more than I could have known. I was just looking in all the wrong places!

I love being able to reach out to the girls in the industry and support them in what they are going through because I remember what that was like.

If you are reading this and want to hear more I’d love to talk to you!

Take care of yourself…YOU ARE CHERISHED!

Kate Wedell”

Today, Kate lives a beautiful life with her loving husband and three children, serving constantly to bring life back to broken women in her community and to spread awareness about the realities of the sex industry and human trafficking.

Kate’s Topic:

From Captive to Liberator

Find Kate online at:

Kate Wedell website Kate Wedell on Facebook

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