How to Bounce Back, Come Back and Get Back… from any Setback

Barry Spilchuk Replay

What do you do when life catches you with your pants down? Trust Barry Spilchuk to give you a few ideas.

All within the same time-period, Barry was diagnosed with cancer, while going through a bankruptcy, a separation, employee theft and a partnership dissolution.

We may as well just call him “The Come-Back King” (and not just for his smart-aleck humor)! He truly has mastered the art of overcoming setbacks.

In this talk, he’ll share with us a few key points about recovering from overwhelming circumstances.

  • Remember the first rule of holes. If you find yourself in one stop digging!
  • Learn about the S.A.L.A.D. principle to reversing your slide and going in the right direction.
  • There is a “bless in every mess.” What’s yours?
  • There is power in your story… when you stop telling it!
  • What to do right now to change your life for the better.

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Barry Spilchuk - How to Bounce Back from any Setback

Barry Spilchuk

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